Terms & Conditions

The Agreement

  1. a) This Agreement shall be deemed to be made under the following Terms and Conditions set out herein between Ambro Sports and Events Limited (“ASE Ltd”) and the Party identified as the Client in the attached Schedule of Details. The attached Schedule is incorporated in and forms part of this Agreement.
  2. b) The Client acknowledges that when entering into this Agreement, it has not relied upon or been in any way induced by any warranties, representations written or verbal have been made by ASE Ltd or its employees officers or agents other than those contained in this Agreement.
  3. c) When a Client indicates that they want to proceed with a booking, ASE Ltd will send them a copy of these Terms and Conditions and a Schedule. The Client will then sign and return these documents and the parties enter into a binding contract when ASE Ltd receive the signed documents. No contractual relationship between the parties arises until ASE Ltd receive these signed documents.
  4. d) On entering into this Agreement ASE Ltd will provide the Package for the Fee on the Event Date.
  5. e) The Client hereby expressly accepts that these terms and the contents of the Schedule constitute the entire agreement between the parties and further acknowledges that they have not been induced to enter into this agreement as a result of any representations, whether written or verbal of the Client or its employees, or agents.

Payment Terms

The Client is required to pay a deposit of 50% of the total cost shown on the Schedule of Details within Fourteen (14) days of its signature of these terms. The balance 50% is payable no later than Twelve (12) weeks prior to the date of the event. If payment for a booking is not made within these time limits, or if the Client is in default of the payment terms under this clause 2 of ASE Ltd’s terms in respect of any other booking then (without prejudice to any other rights ASE Ltd may have in respect of this breach of contract), ASE Ltd reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel the booking, or any other bookings made by the Client, without first warning the Client of its intention to do so. Non payment by a Client by the dates set out in this clause 2 will also be treated as a cancellation of the Agreement which ASE Ltd may treat in accordance with the terms of clause 4.


Late Booking

Bookings made within Twelve (12) weeks prior to the date of the event will be invoiced in full and are payable within Seven (7) days of signature of this contract.



  1. a) Any cancellation of this Agreement by the Client must be made in writing and is effective from the day it is received by ASE Ltd.
  2. b) If a booking is cancelled by the Client at any time after the signature of this Agreement and more than Twelve (12) weeks before the Event Date, the Client shall forfeit any payment made up to the date of cancellation. Should no payment or less than 50% of the total price have been received at this time the Client must pay ASE Ltd, 50% of the Fee as a cancellation fee within Seven (7) days.
  3. c) If this Agreement is cancelled by the Client at any time after the signature of this Agreement and less than Twelve (12) weeks before the date of the event, the Client must pay ASE Ltd, 100% of the Fee as a cancellation fee within Seven (7) days.
  4. d) The Client must pay to ASE Ltd any costs incurred by ASE Ltd in recovering sums owed under this Agreement or damages for non-performance thereof including legal costs on a full indemnity basis.
  5. e) ASE Ltd may at its sole discretion offer the Client an alternative package at an alternative event if a client indicates a desire to cancel the Package and there is in the sole opinion of ASE Ltd sufficient time to resell the Package.


The Advertised Package

ASE Ltd will use its reasonable endeavours to provide the Package as advertised for the Event, including, but not limited to timing, date and other arrangements. However, ASE Ltd reserves the right to alter or omit or amend any part of the Package for the Event for any cause that ASE Ltd shall in its sole discretion consider to be reasonable. ASE Ltd is entitled without incurring any liability, to change the location of the hospitality venue.



Client security passes and Event information will be sent out approximately Two (2) weeks prior to the Event. Tickets will be provided on the day of the Event, unless required for access to the Hospitality Venue. The Client agrees that it is bound by the terms and conditions of the tickets provided. It is understood that the tickets are not used as an inducement to purchase this hospitality package.


Cancellation of Event / Occasion

ASE Ltd give no guarantee whatsoever that the Event shall take place. Should any Event be cancelled or postponed for any reason whatsoever, the Client will have no entitlement to any refund of monies paid to ASE Ltd. It is the responsibility of the Client to adequately insure themselves against postponement or cancellation for whatever reason of the Event. 8. Third Parties and Liability This Agreement shall be subject to any terms and conditions which third parties organising and staging the Event and the Package may specify in respect of those people attending and Event. The Client hereby expressly acknowledges that the provision of the Package is subject to the Event taking place, and that this is beyond the control of ASE Ltd. Accordingly, In the event that such facilities or tickets shall not be available for whatever reason, and save as otherwise expressly provided for by statute any liability to ASE Ltd shall be limited to the return of the Fee. Save as otherwise expressly provided for by statute ASE Ltd’s liability howsoever arising and including but not limited to any liability for breach of this agreement or any negligent acts shall be limited to the value of the Fee. ASE Ltd accepts no responsibility for any indirect or consequential loss to the Client howsoever caused. 9. Alterations or cancellations by Third Parties In the event of the cancellation or postponement of an Event, or when the arrangements and / or facilities for an Event are changed or cancelled by a third party, ASE Ltd will use its best endeavours to provide an alternative package for an alternative Event or an alternative package at an alternative location for the Event but shall be under no contractual obligation to do so. 10. Disclaimer and Indemnity The Client hereby waives and releases ASE Ltd from and indemnifies and holds ASE Ltd harmless against, any and all costs, damages, and expenses, which are incurred by the client, its agents, employees and/or guests and which arise in connection with this contract or the attendance of the event.



  1. a) These Terms will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and both ASE Ltd and the Client shall irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
  2. b) The person who signs for the Client personally represents and warrants to ASE Ltd that he or she is duly authorised and has legal capacity to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the Client [and hereby personally guarantees the Client’s performance under this Agreement].
  3. c) The Client represents and warrants to ASE Ltd that the entry into of this Agreement has been duly authorised and that this Agreement is a valid and legal agreement binding on the Client in accordance with its terms.
  4. d) The Client may not assign or transfer any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of ASE Ltd.
  5. e) Except as set out in this Agreement, no variation of this Agreement, including the introduction of any additional terms and conditions, shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed by ASE Ltd.
  6. f) ASE Ltd reserves the right to increase the fee should RPI exceed 3% at any point prior to the balance payment being made in full.