Summer Parties

Published on Thursday 12 May 2022 Category: Culture

Your Summer Parties taken care of

After a couple of years of disruption, we’ve seen a huge surge in the amount of Summer and Christmas party requests as businesses look to reward their teams with their ideal day and/or night.

Every business is different. Of course the size, location and industry is likely to vary but what is often not considered is the personality and values of the organisation.

When planning your party, we love taking the time to truly understand what you and the team stand for so we can match up the experience that will maximise the enjoyment of the big day.

Whether it’s full of adventure and adrenaline, elegance and excellence or classic and casual, we have the experience in hand throughout the team to nail your ideal gathering.

Summer Parties

Christmas parties will typically be the first thought for a company when organising staff events, but the variety of possibilities with great weather has meant that the summer party is crucial in the calendar.

Get Competitive!

Why not set up a friendly sporting tournament in a premium venue? No matter the numbers, we can organise your football, softball or multi-sport tournament and get your team engaged in an venue that suits the size of the occasion. 

Included competitions, prizes for the winners and full transport to and from the venue so the competitors can focus on the job in hand, bragging rights! You can even go the extra mile and personalise the day with branded merchandise and decorations, all organised by us.

Breweries and BBQs 

Make the most of those hot, sunny days and enjoy a huge variety of premium beer, food and entertainment all in one location.

Let us bring the festival feeling to you as we source the beautiful, outdoor location and fill it with premium local food and drink variations. Your summer party can be themed in a certain style to match the company ethos, or branded appropriately to make the team proud of the company they work for.  

Add live entertainment, post party venue travel and accommodation and have a day to remember for the company.

Head off to Rome

One day might not be enough for your summer party, so let us plan your perfect 3 day trip to Rome and experience the fine dining experience we all crave. 

Make Rome the highlight of your team’s summer, revelling in the culture that makes it one of the outstanding holiday destinations around the world.

We build the trip itineraries specific and unique to the team itself. Away from the main piazzas you can find small, historical streets with vine-clad trattorias, hole-in the-wall wine bars and restaurants determined to be the signature pizza and pasta go-to’s, 

Sounds right for your team? Don’t hesitate and call today. Our passion. Your Event.

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