Salon Privé – The Unmissable Luxury Car Show

Published on Monday 4 December 2023 Category: Motorsport

Salon Privé stands as one of the oldest and most esteemed luxury automotive events globally, held in magnificent venues like the Royal Hospital Chelsea and the picturesque lawns adjoining Blenheim Palace. Distinguished by its exclusive focus on the prestige sector, the event showcases privately owned classic cars gathered from collections across the globe.

Serving as the grand culmination of Salon Privé week, Blenheim Palace promises an awe-inspiring experience. Attendees can relish a leisurely atmosphere while exploring an incredible assortment of vehicles and enjoying entertainment throughout the day.

Salon Privé London

Located in Central London, Salon Privé London takes place at the Royal Hospital Chelsea and promises one of the world’s most exclusive motorsport displays in mid-April each year. Over three extraordinary days, immerse yourself in the luxurious world of luxury cars, encompassing both historic classics and cutting-edge modern vehicles, and revel in the exhilarating lifestyle that accompanies them.

Salon Privé presents a remarkable opportunity for esteemed global collector car dealers to shine by participating in the Salon Privé Concours de Vente. Throughout the event, all cars showcased in this new concours will be available for sale, fostering a unique buying experience across the three days.

However, beyond the showcase and sales, expect an atmosphere of competition and prestige. The most treasured classic car will be honoured with the prestigious Prix d’Honneur during the Concours de Vente Gala Dinner, held on Friday night in the illustrious Great Hall of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. This exceptional event caters to diverse interests, featuring historic automobiles, the latest supercar launches, fine dining experiences, and an array of luxury fashion brands.

A captivating mix of supercars awaits attendees, showcasing the latest releases from coveted brands like Aston Martin, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Rolls Royce, offering a unique opportunity to explore and potentially own one of these mesmerising vehicles. For fans of classic cars, Salon Privé boasts a collection of 60 rare classics, including celebrated brands such as Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, and Fiat, providing a captivating journey through automotive history.

However, Salon Privé transcends mere horsepower; it’s an event for enthusiasts and admirers alike. Whether you’re a supercar expert or prefer to relish classic cars while savouring champagne, this event caters to varied preferences. Beyond the automotive displays, the event offers an expansive shopping village featuring high-end fashion brands, renowned accessories, and exquisite British jewellery by Boodles.

Salon Privé isn’t just another car show; it’s an unparalleled experience. Join us for an unforgettable time. Gain exclusive access to the Sloane area, where you can luxuriate in the finest Louis Pommery throughout the day.

Delight in a three-course luncheon followed by a mouth-watering afternoon tea. If glamour is your allure, then Salon Privé is certainly the event designed for you.

Salon Privé Blenheim

Salon Privé at Blenheim Palace takes place towards the end of August each year. Curating an exclusive showcase, over 100 of the world’s most coveted cars are invited, each competing for admiration from both the public and a prestigious jury.

This esteemed collection will feature an array of grand tourers, classic sports racers, iconic vehicles defining eras, and revered racing legends. They will be accompanied by the latest cutting-edge supercars and forward-looking concepts from the present and future automotive landscape.

Moreover, beyond the captivating concours, visitors can explore a sprawling lawn hosting some of the globe’s most impressive luxury and supercar manufacturers. These manufacturers will unveil their latest releases, adding an element of excitement and innovation to the event.

Alongside these renowned brands, seasoned Classic Car Dealers & Restorers from the UK will bring their specialised expertise, showcasing their most valuable models available for sale, enriching the experience for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

A delightful surprise for newcomers at Salon Privé is the Luxury Retail Village, a carefully curated assembly of luxury brands. Each brand represents various facets of the opulent lifestyle, and access to this exclusive area is included with your hospitality purchase.

From Helicopters, Private Jets, and Boats to Milliners, Tailors, and the newest addition of exclusive watches at Salon Privé TIME, the shopping experience at Salon Privé caters to diverse tastes and desires.

Throughout the week, attendees will witness an ever-evolving display of supercars and classic cars, escalating in grandeur. The week commences with the Salon Privé Club Trophy presented by Lockton on Saturday, showcasing the UK’s most esteemed single-marque Car Clubs.

This leads into Salon Privé Classic & Supercar, a public day that serves as a fitting finale to an awe-inspiring Salon Privé Week, featuring an incredible array of classic and supercars for enthusiasts and visitors to admire and enjoy.

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