The Da Vinci Code Experience

The Da Vinci Code Experience Monday 1 January - Tuesday 31 December 2024

The Da Vinci Code Experience divides participants into investigative teams, who are tasked with unravelling the mystery behind the museum curator’s murder. Each team is provided with a roster of potential suspects, while the curator has astutely concealed the identities of their allies within the museum’s artifacts.

Through deciphering clues and tackling challenges presented by these artifacts, the teams aim to sharpen their investigative acumen and narrow down the suspect list. This results in an exceptionally distinctive and thrilling game that unfolds as the teams delve deeper into the mystery.

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“You transported us all into a different world”

“I didn’t expect the huge amount of equipment that you’d bring. It was so much more than a challenge. You transported us all into a different world. The equipment was so incredibly detailed and looked amazing. You could put it in a museum alongside other genuine artefacts and most people wouldn’t be able to spot the difference. The team are all talking about it, they thought it was amazing. There is something for everyone in there as it requires such a wide range of skill sets to complete. It enabled my quieter team members to come to the forefront on some of the challenges which both helped build their confidence and also helped others see them and appreciate them in a different light.”