Roman Races

Roman Races Monday 1 January - Tuesday 31 December 2024

Roman Races is an extraordinary outdoor activity, with lifelike horses powered by pedal-driven chariots, exclusively designed and crafted in-house, promising an eye-catching and unparalleled experience. This sets the stage for a remarkable and competitive team event.

Each team receives an adult-sized pedal go-kart outfitted with a horse’s body, legs and head. The challenge involves designing, decorating and assembling the head, body and tail of the horse, as well as constructing a chariot for their trailer.

As participants pedal faster, the horse’s legs simulate galloping, resulting in a visually striking event culminating in a series of races. This event exudes gladiatorial pageantry, filled with vibrant colours, fierce competition and thrilling action.

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“It was teambuilding at its absolute best!”

“It was teambuilding at its absolute best.  I assure you, this will be something we all talk about for a long time!”