Lapland Golden Experience Test

Ascot Tuesday 1 November - Saturday 31 December 2022 Bespoke Christmas Parties

We are delighted to offer you the chance of a lifetime, a Golden Ticket to the Lapland Golden Experience.

‘Lapland’ is a secret immersive adventure based on an original reimagination of the Father Christmas myth.

We introduce you to an ancient elven civilisation through a magical world of storytelling that fuses the spectacle of a filmset with the performance of theatre, all experienced within the intimacy of your own family.

The award-winning experience begins with a special invitation and creates memories that will last a lifetime. A celebration and honouring of the wonderment of childhood.

“ The best Christmas day out ever and now a family tradition!”
Elton John

“So Magical!”
David Beckham

Lapland Golden Experience

Your magical Lapland experience begins when you deliver your child’s personalised invitation from Father Christmas asking for their help making toys in the Lapland Toy Factory.

When the day arrives, your tour will last 3.5 – 4 hours; the first 90 minutes is an immersive theatrical scripted performance in the Enchanted Forest, the Toy Factory and Mother Christmas’ Kitchen.

Thereafter follows a further 90 minutes exploring the Elven Village where you can ice sake, refuel in Pumpernickel’s restaurant or visit Elva’s post office, amongst other things.

Your personalised audience with Father Christmas will take place in the final hour of your journey, but not before you have travelled deeper into the snowy forest to meet his reindeer and see his magical sleigh.

The adventure really ends on Christmas morning when your children find the toy they made in the Toy Factory under the tree complete with a note from Father Christmas thanking them for their help.