Kew The Music - Beverley Knight - 13 July

Kew Gardens Saturday 13 July 2024 Kew The Music 2024

Kew The Music – Beverley Knight – 13 July

Beverley Knight is headlining Kew the Music on July 13 in the beautiful Kew Gardens in south west London.

Knight was quickly regarded as one of Britain’s greatest soul singers after gaining fame in the 1990s. With hits such as Greatest Day (1999) and Get Up! (2001)  Knight has had several top ten albums and sold over 1 million albums in the UK.

The singer moved into musical theatre in 2013, becoming lead role in The Bodyguard. She even picked up the award for Best Actress in a supporting role in a musical at the Laurence Olivier awards in 2023, displaying just how many incredible talents she has.

Being one of the most consistent artists for over 25 years, she continues to captivate people with her powerful vocal and her ability to beautifully story tell.

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