In The Zone

In The Zone Monday 1 January - Tuesday 31 December 2024

In The Zone is a highly engaging and entertaining activity suitable for various occasions. It offers a diverse selection of games for your guests to enjoy, either as structured events or casual, have-a-go experiences.

Our team member, stationed at each zone, maintains a leaderboard, fostering a competitive atmosphere where individuals strive to reclaim the top position. The challenges are straightforward to grasp, interactive, and immensely entertaining. They generate a high-energy environment, compelling participants to return repeatedly to enhance their scores and aim for the leaderboard’s pinnacle within the 30-second time limit!

Who will master the art of balancing the most tees on golf balls or stacking the most baseball caps on their head? Who possesses the skill to skilfully remove pegs from a line or skilfully stack dominoes? These challenges await participants, igniting fun and competitiveness among all involved.

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“Flawless and perfectly judged!”

“Flawless and perfectly judged. Anecdotally, had multiple people come up to me in the evening and say how great a day it was. Big thanks again.”