In The Know

In The Know Monday 1 January - Tuesday 31 December 2024

In The Know is an entertaining and all-encompassing activity aimed at facilitating networking among your delegates during dinner in an enjoyable and inclusive environment.

Commencing with pre-dinner drinks, participants are introduced to an array of unique antiquities. Their task involves determining the age, value and intended use of each item.

Once seated for dinner, each table collaborates as a team, receiving the true details of one of the items. Throughout dinner, they craft two false descriptions (bluffs) about the item. These bluffs are presented to other tables, aiming to deceive them. Successfully fooling other tables earns additional points for the team. This light-hearted, engaging and competitive activity is sure to evoke laughter and entertainment among the group.

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“It was soooo brilliant!”

“It was soooo brilliant. I’ve had some really good feedback from the partners. I can’t thank you enough. The venue and activities were absolutely fantastic, we all had such a brilliant time and everything went down really well with the whole team.”