Hells Bells – A Knight’s Tale

Hells Bells – A Knight’s Tale Monday 1 January - Tuesday 31 December 2024

This team building activity, Hells Bells, offers an unparalleled and collaborative event experience, consistently serving as a source of inspiration, surprise and motivation.

Upon entering the room, delegates are divided into teams, each equipped with tools and documents, fostering an initial sense of competition among them. However, as the event progresses, a pivotal realisation occurs: teams must unite and collaborate for collective success.

As a wholly collaborative endeavour, the resounding message of ‘One Team, One Goal’ takes centre stage. Through a blend of physical, creative and mental challenges, every delegate has a role in achieving overall success. The culminating spectacle never fails to elicit a “wow” moment, as teams comprehend the remarkable accomplishments they’ve attained in a relatively brief duration.

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“I’ve had nothing but positive comments”

“I’ve had nothing but positive comments from all who attended. People were amazed at the detail and intricacy of the Hells Bells – it was like nothing they’d seen before.”