Hampton Court Palace Festival - Soft Cell

Hampton Court Palace Wednesday 7 June 2023 Hampton Court Palace Festival

Your guests will not fail to be impressed by exclusive after hours access to the Palace’s magnificent state apartments, steeped in history. Immerse yourselves in regal grandeur as you sip on champagne while absorbing the incredible atmosphere of your surroundings.

An exceptional meal fit for a king is serve where royalty themselves dined and entertained, accompanied by fine wines throughout. You will finish your delicious meal with freshly brewed tea/coffee before taking your premium seats in the stunning Tudor Courtyard for the main music event.

Soft Cell come to Hampton Court Palace for the second night of the festival on 7th June.

Private tables for 10 guests, smaller numbers on shared tables or private dining rooms available from 30 – 100 guests.

Kings VIP Experience

With our hospitality package you and your guests will arrive at the palace through the VIP car park and East Front Gardens where you will enjoy your welcome drink while basking in the summer sunshine.

After being led through the historic palace hallways to the stunning State Apartment, you’ll enjoy a champagne reception in the spectacular surroundings before taking
your seats to enjoy a delicious 3 course dinner.

Then make your way through to the courtyard where you’ll take your VIP seats for the beginning of the entertainment.