Gameshow Mania

Gameshow Mania Monday 1 January - Tuesday 31 December 2024

This engaging dinner activity, Gameshow Mania, transforms each team into game show contestants, participating in three rounds inspired by these famous game shows:

1. ‘Do You Want To Be A Billionaire’
2. ‘Real or Surreal’
3. ‘Million Point Drop’

Each game show round is equipped with genuine graphics, sounds and props, providing an authentic experience. Guided by our charismatic game show host, this interactive event injects energy into the room, entertaining your group throughout.

Offering a fun-filled experience, this activity guarantees a memorable evening that adds excitement to your dinner. Typically, rounds are conducted in between each course, maximizing the entertainment value for all participants.

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“It was soooo brilliant!”

“It was soooo brilliant. I’ve had some really good feedback from the partners. I can’t thank you enough. The venue and activities were absolutely fantastic, we all had such a brilliant time and everything went down really well with the whole team.”