Crystal Maze

The Grove Monday 1 January - Tuesday 31 December 2024

The crystal maze at The Grove is hosted by wacky presenter ‘Richard O’Blimey’. Teams take part in various challenges in the activity zones: Physical, Mental, Mystery and Skill. For each challenge teams are awarded crystals dependent on their performance. More crystals means more time in the Crystal Dome finale.

Challenges can include:

  • Team Tower – Teams rebuild the tower on an opposite space without placing a larger block on top of a smaller block
  • Well Balanced – Team members must pass differently weighted objects to each other without tipping the see-saw
  • Barbecue Brainteaser – Teams solve the puzzle and then use tongs to put the items in the correct place on the barbecue
  • Toxic Waste – Teams work out the maths formula to divide the toxic waste so that it’s safe for disposal! Stocks & Share Teams complete the jigsaw with their hands in the ‘stocks’
  • InstruMental – Teams solve our music challenge in order to build the puzzle correctly and then play a tune

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