Christmas Parties

Christmas creates the perfect opportunity to round off the year, celebrate success, and reflect on what your company has achieved.

It is a great way to show appreciation towards your staff, allow your entire company to network, or say thank you to your clients for their loyalty.

That is why it is important to us to make sure that your Christmas Party is as memorable as possible.

We will think outside the box and elevate your ideas to make them unforgettable.

We Deliver for Christmas


Our goal is to understand our client’s needs, find or create an event that fits them perfectly, and ensure it runs seamlessly.

Whether it’s an exclusive private dining experience for 10, interactive games for 500, or a personalised banquet for 2000, we’ve got you covered.

By combining our years of knowledge, great relationships with suppliers, and thirst for innovative ideas, we will deliver amazing results for you!

Your Perfect Christmas Party Venue

Whether it’s secret venues in the city, historic venues in the country or a brand new opening then we have the industry knowledge and relationships to match your requirements.


When you think of Christmas, you think of sparkle, glamour, bright lights, beautiful colours and that unique wintery warmth we all crave. That classic and traditional style can certainly be emulated in your Christmas Party venue, so your party truly know they are here to celebrate all things wonderful about the joyful holiday.


Yet, there’s a fantastic range of contemporary ideas for venues at Christmas parties that guarantee you just as much fun and togetherness, but something you may never have thought of or done before.


Why not enquire about some of our secret venues? We don’t like to give all of our secrets away, but we have some cracking locations that you could secure as your next Christmas Party venue.

Your Festive Feast Awaits

Nothing reminds us more of Christmas than a stunning wholesome festive feast that can feed your party with plenty leftover for seconds and thirds.


From gourmet 7 course lunches to a traditional Christmas sit-down, there’s nothing better than pulling crackers and wearing hats with Champagne and wine in full flow on the table.


Looking for something different? Then we’ll find it. Whether it’s world-class canapés, a vegetarian themed buffet or an exotic Asian masterclass, we’ll source a menu that suits you and all your party.  

Create Memories

Everyone loves games at Christmas, so why not let the games begin at your office Christmas Party! Whether it’s traditional party games or a modern and new experience, maximise the festive spirit this year.

An ageless Christmas experience is created with the sounds of strumming strings floating through the air, or the angelic voices of a choir singing classic carols. Choose wonderful musicians and venues with amazing acoustics to ensure the best sound quality.

Or the contemporary approach might suit. Find musicians who can put a funky twist on Christmas classics, whether it is a DJ turning the traditional tunes techno, a silent disco, or a saxophonist jazzing up jingle bells. 

A Sprinkle of Magic and Brand Recognition

We pride ourselves at Ambro on the extra touches we provide to make your Christmas party extra special.


With over 35 years of experience of planning Christmas parties, we look forward to supplying additional products or services that turn your event from a great night to a memorable night.


Traditionally promote your brand with a themed bar, tailormade table settings or customised crackers and cards.


Or we can conjure up some modern ideas, such as bespoke beverage’s, glow in the dark signage or even a personalised website.


There’s no limitations as to what we can create, so let us brainstorm a variety of possibilities and you can decide what is perfect for you.