VIP Client Trip to Prague

We are thrilled to present one of our most sought-after VIP client trips of 2024 – a tailor-made and exquisite journey to Prague.

Over three days in the capital of the Czech Republic, you will experience Prague in an unprecedented way, guided by the expertise and support of our dedicated events and travel teams, ensuring an unforgettable journey.

Tailor your package to align with the size and preferences of your team, and leave all the planning hassles to us, ensuring a seamless and ideal getaway for you.

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  • Proposed Itinerary


The Old Town

There are many superb accommodation options which are situated in the heart of Prague. Many places are conveniently positioned near iconic landmarks such as the Powder Tower and the Old Town Gates. Within walking distance of The Old Town, you can find Republic Square, Prague’s central railway station, and the picturesque Charles Bridge adorned with statues.

The Outskirts of Prague

If staying in the centre of the city isn’t for you, then there are plenty of options on the periphery of Prague. There is some accommodation which is perched near the banks of the Vltava River and you could be located just a couple of kilometres away from Prague’s Old Town and the iconic Charles Bridge. You could even be as close as five kilometres away from Prague Castle, which dates back to the 9th century!


Brewery Town

Explore the charm of small-scale beer production in a city renowned for its beer culture! Embark on a brewery tour that unveils hidden local mini-breweries not typically discovered by tourists. Delight in an entertaining walking tour across Prague, occasionally utilising public transport as needed. Immerse yourself in learning about the intricate brewing methods, delve into the rich history of beer, and, undoubtedly, indulge in sampling numerous local beers throughout the journey!

Lunchtime River Cruise

Embark on the impressive Prague Lunch Cruise, a captivating river journey through the city’s historical centre. Revel in the beauty of Prague while dining in elegance aboard a luxurious, state-of-the-art boat equipped with a retractable glass roof. With the Old Town on one side and the charming Lesser Town on the other, the riverbanks are adorned with numerous Prague landmarks, making the river the ultimate vantage point to behold the city’s sights in all their splendour.


Whether you are looking for delightful lunches, wanting to experience traditional breweries or enjoy some breathtaking dinner views, Prague has a plethora of options. You can commence your Prague experience with a delightful lunch at Zvonice, an exceptional restaurant spanning two floors within the original Gothic belfry. This historically significant venue presents an opportunity to savour authentic Czech cuisine.

Alternatively, if visiting breweries is what interests you, then Prague has some of the rarest breweries in Central Europe. U Fleků, for example, has an enduring brewing legacy spanning over 500 years. Set within an atmospheric historic house, the brewery features traditional decor and furnishings within its restaurant halls. Each space offers a unique and memorable ambience for patrons to enjoy their dining experience.

Moreover, Prague is home to some iconic dinner sights. Located adjacent to the iconic Charles Bridge in the heart of Prague, The Mlynec offers breathtaking views that complement mealtime experiences. Its modern and minimalist décor serves as a delightful contrast to the traditional ambience of U Fleků. Indulge in a four-course menu with wine pairing, featuring a selection of the most beloved and iconic dishes to savour during your visit.