Team Building

Ambro specialises in delivering expertly organised team-building activities, all customised to suit your organisation’s needs. Whether you prefer a flamboyant and attention-grabbing atmosphere or an elegant and refined affair, we create events that align with your brand and company ethos.

We offer a portfolio of premium event services and continue to work with high profile businesses who trust us to build tailored team building events on a global scale. Let us take the stress away from planning your major events of the year and we’ll provide a list of ideas based on your brief to ensure you’re completely satisfied by the results.

Enquire today via the phone or complete our contact form and we look forward to talking through your thoughts. Let us bring your vision to life and turn it into a memorable day.

We have a plethora of team building activities which you can choose from, as well as the ability to create bespoke games if required! Why not take a look at some of our team building activities below:

Indoor Events

Indoor team building events are vital for cultivating collaboration and boosting morale amongst colleagues. Activities like Eden, Trading Wars and The Da Vinci Code Experience offer a controlled environment for problem-solving and trust-building. Employees engage in creative projects, fostering communication and teamwork.

Regardless of external factors, the indoor setting ensures year-round participation. These events transcend hierarchical boundaries, promoting camaraderie and unity. Participants gain insights into each other’s strengths, contributing to a positive work culture that benefits the organisation.

Outdoor Events

Outdoor team building events offer an invigorating platform for fostering teamwork and camaraderie. Through activities like Corporate World Record Breakers, Roman Races and The Diamond Dome, colleagues bond in natural settings, cultivating trust and communication.

The open-air environment inspires creativity and adaptability while encouraging participants to overcome obstacles collaboratively. Regardless of weather, these events invigorate team spirit, break down barriers, and instil a sense of achievement, contributing to enhanced cohesion, morale, and a more unified work culture.

Evening Events

Evening team building events offer a unique and relaxed atmosphere for colleagues to connect and collaborate. Whether through In the Know, Gameshow Mania or In the Zone, these events foster camaraderie and strengthen interpersonal relationships.

The informal setting encourages open communication and bonding outside the typical work environment, promoting a good culture. With activities tailored for evening hours, participants unwind, share experiences and build a sense of unity, contributing to improved teamwork and build rapport within the team.

Learning & Development Events

Learning and development team building events blend education with collaborative activities, creating a holistic approach to skill enhancement. Through Hells Bells – a Knight’s Tale, Facilitated Learning Workshops and Shape Talk – a Personality Profiling Communication Tool, participants acquire new knowledge while strengthening teamwork and communication.

These events are tailored to address specific professional development needs, fostering a culture of continuous learning. By combining educational elements with team-building activities, participants not only gain valuable insights but also build lasting connections, contributing to a more knowledgeable, skilled, and cohesive team.