Learning & Development Events

Learning and development team-building events seamlessly integrate education with collaborative activities, presenting a holistic approach to skill enhancement. Activities such as Hells Bells – A Knight’s Tale, Facilitated Learning Workshops and Shape Talk – A Personality Profiling Communication Tool, enable participants to acquire new knowledge while simultaneously reinforcing teamwork and communication.

These events are meticulously tailored to address specific professional development needs, cultivating a culture of continuous learning within the team. By merging educational components with team-building initiatives, participants not only gain valuable insights but also forge lasting connections. This dual approach contributes to a more knowledgeable, skilled and cohesive team, enhancing overall team effectiveness.

We have a plethora of team building activities which you can choose from, as well as the ability to create bespoke games if required! Why not take a look at some of our specific learning and development event activities below:

Hells Bells – A Knight’s Tale

The ultimate collaborative team building activity! A truly unique event experience that never fails to inspire, surprise and motivate.

Delegates enter the room and are split into teams, each with a set of equipment and paperwork, so instantly feel they are in competition with the other teams. As the event unfolds, however, the lightbulb moment occurs where teams realise they must in fact all work together in order to be successful.

As a wholly collaborative activity, the message of ‘One Team, One Goal’ is so strong. With physical, creative and cerebral challenges, delegates can all have an input into achieving the overall success, and the spectacular finale never fails to provide the wow factor when teams realise what they have achieved in a relatively short space of time.

Facilitated Learning Workshops

All activities can be run as a fun, shared experience, to develop existing social relationships and create new ones. They can also be used as part of a genuine learning experience to help develop your team further. When used in this context, we’d recommend the inclusion of a skilled facilitator to guide the team through their tailored learning experience.

Whether it is topping and tailing an activity or a full or half day workshop, we have a range of experienced facilitators to call upon to help you get the most out of your time together. They’ll help draw out key learnings and help inspire long-term behavioural change for your delegates.

Shape Talk

Understanding that we all have a natural communication style is crucial for effective interactions. This style influences how we perceive, interpret and communicate with the world. To optimise communication and productivity, it’s essential to identify others’ personality preferences and adapt your communication style accordingly.

Our facilitators will guide you in identifying the four communication styles and shapes. Complete the ‘Personality Types’ questionnaire to discover your preferred style and learn how to adapt for effective communication with colleagues, friends and customers.