Indoor Events

Conducting indoor team-building events is essential for fostering collaboration and uplifting morale among colleagues. Activities such as Eden, Trading Wars and The Da Vinci Code Experience provide a controlled environment for problem-solving and trust-building. Engaging in creative projects within this indoor setting promotes communication and teamwork amongst employees.

The advantage of indoor events lies in their year-round accessibility, unaffected by external factors. These activities break down hierarchical boundaries, encouraging camaraderie and unity. Participants gain valuable insights into each other’s strengths, contributing to the cultivation of a positive work culture that ultimately benefits the organisation as a whole.

We have a plethora of team building activities which you can choose from, as well as the ability to create bespoke games if required! Why not take a look at some of our specific indoor event activities below:


A multi-dimensional event experience which requires delegates to complete the task at hand whilst also being aware of and managing the bigger picture as a group collective. A very cleverly designed business game which combines collaboration and competition.

There is the need for teams to succeed but not at the cost of the wider group. Teams travel the world, attempting up to 30 challenges themed to the city of travel, all trying to earn resources to lead them to ultimate success.

Trading Wars

Without doubt a very competitive activity! Lots of fun, highly engaging and very competitive from the off as teams dabble in the world of trading as they BUY BUY BUY and SELL SELL SELL a range of commodities to earn resources to plough into materials to construct their team skyscrapers.

Groups who understand the mix of skills in their team will be the most successful. Hopefully, they follow the rules and don’t fall foul of the Building Inspector! A truly enjoyable and competitive game which certainly helps promote teamwork and camaraderie.

The Da Vinci Code Experience

The group is split into teams of investigators, with the aim of identifying the killer of the museum curator. Each team has a list of potential suspects and the museum curator has cleverly hidden the identity of his allies within the museum artefacts.

By solving the clues and completing the challenges posed by the artefacts, the teams will be able to hone their investigative skills and drill down on the suspect list. A truly unique and thrilling game is ensued!