Events / Activities

We’re delighted to introduce our sought-after bespoke travel experience – Events / Activities, including City Tours with Grand Prix’s and Ski Trips. These serve as pivotal team-building platforms, fostering trust, collaboration, and synergy among colleagues.

Engaging activities ignite creativity, problem-solving, and innovation, enhancing workplace dynamics. They boost morale, job satisfaction, and productivity, nurturing a positive company culture. These events promote skill development, leadership growth, and work-life balance, elevating employee engagement for organisational success.

We have a plethora of options which you can choose from, so why not take a look at some of our specific bespoke events / activities trips below:

City Tours with Grand Prix’s

At Ambro, we can book events / activities which are focused around Grand Prix’s, giving clients the complete VIP experience. During the event, entertainment is extended beyond Sunday’s race day with world-class amenities, including top restaurants, luxury accommodations, and cultural activities reflecting team interests. This provides guests with comprehensive engagement beyond the race itself.

Ski Trips to Megève

Explore our luxury Ski Trips to Megève, offering an unforgettable company getaway. Megève blends modern ski amenities with traditional charm in a picturesque Savoyard town nestled under Mont Blanc. With a pedestrianised centre, cobbled streets, and diverse shops and restaurants, it promises a sophisticated ambiance. Its slopes accommodate all skill levels, ensuring an enjoyable skiing experience for everyone.