Budapest Tour with Hungarian Grand Prix

Centered around the Hungarian Grand Prix, we were delighted to take our clients to Budapest for 5 days, giving them the complete VIP Hungary experience. 

Although race day on Sunday was the main attraction, we ensured the entertainment ran throughout the event, with world-class restaurants, first-class travel and luxury accommodation all included..

The guests had some downtime to explore themselves, alongside organized cultural activities to fit the teams interests.

  • Weekend Hungarian Grand Prix Hospitality
  • Tuk-Tuk Tour
  • City Centre Sky Bar
  • Szechenyi Spa Baths
  • Utopia Sightseeing Flight
  • BTR Tankdriving

Tuk Tuk Tour

Step inside a local Tuk Tuk for a fascinating and three hour tour of Budapest, where you will be driven around the city in the electric atmosphere.

As well as seeing some of the major sights, you will get to raise a glass at a few of the best beer bars in Budapest, as microbreweries and craft beers continue to grow and develop in Hungarian culture.

Traditionally a wine country however, it wouldn’t be a tour around Budapest without visiting one of the hidden wine bars that the locals swear by.

Finally you’ll be whisked off to a fine restaurant, showcasing the best local and seasonal dishes in the city to soak up the fantastic drinks you’ll have on the tour.

We’ll even include a photographer who will capture the best moments and make your trip memories last.

Our expertise in planning seamless personalized events gives you the guarantee of a stunning bespoke event.

Cocktails & Dinner at St. Andrea Sky Bar

The St. Andrea Wine & Skybar is a premium, seasonal restaurant-bar in one of the busiest locations in the city center, Vörösmarty Square. The striking building that houses Skybar is considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco and has been awarded numerous international architectural awards.

Take in the sights and the beautiful summer weather on the stunning roof terrace whilst drinking some of their delicious signature cocktails.

With delicious food prepared daily throughout the day, our clients found it hard to leave the St Andrea Sky Bar.

The Hungarian Grand Prix

Our guests watched one of the most dramatic Grand Prix’s of the year in Budapest, home to the Hungaroring.

Hungary has seen the fastest drivers in the world race in F1 since 1986, with Lewis Hamilton securing an incredible 8 wins in his career to date.

There’s always plenty of drama at the Hungarian Grand Prix and the hospitality facilities there are second to none, an incredible experience for any team.

With complimentary food and drink included and fantastic views of the track, this was truly the highlight of an outstanding day.


Travel & Accommodation

Our guests arrived at London Heathrow on Friday afternoon, enjoying first-class travel and transfers to their 4 star hotel, located right in the heart of the city centre.

The location of the hotel is perfect for all of the designated activities and we ensure that all travel is within a reasonable timeframe.

With a first-class return flight on Tuesday afternoon, it gave the clients plenty of opportunities to soak up all that Budapest has to offer, without the stress or indecision of organizing.

F1 Opportunities

With access to F1 Grand Prix races around the world throughout the season, there are plenty of opportunities to take you to the location you and your party desires. 

We’ll prepare the bespoke event for you, including activities that allow you to fully indulge in the local culture.

Whether you’re into your food, looking to stay active or try new and exciting challenges, we’ll factor that into our proposals with options, before you commit to your bespoke event experience.