Bespoke Events

With deep industry knowledge and a clear understanding of your needs, we bring unrivaled experience to every bespoke event.

Our seamless, innovative experiences breathe life into your events so you can form deeper connections with your customers.

We take time to listen and understand you, your business and your customers, to create the right events.

We love big ideas, but never neglect the finer details – it won’t wow if it doesn’t work. 

Bespoke Parties, Team Building and Family Fun Days


At Ambro we deliver brilliantly organised parties, team building events and family fun days, tailored to your organisation. From flamboyant and striking to elegant and exquisite, we build an event that represents your brand and company ethos. Let us turn your vision into a day that you’ll never forget.


Having significant experience and knowledge of thousands of venues gives us the platform to secure the perfect event location for you. Up and down the country we continue to deliver outstanding events and we truly understand the importance of the location.


Whether it’s a corporate request or a friends and family day out, we can’t wait to hear the inspiration behind your enquiry and provide you with brilliant ideas and a stunning, seamless event.

Local and Global Possibilities


Our capabilities for bespoke events can stretch to multiple locations depending on your requirements. Our spectacular Winter Concert delivered on all fronts, with performers synced up between locations to provide a stunning and seamless performance.


Our global clients were able to watch in the comfort of their own homes around the world or attend the marquee venues to support and liaise in person.


As demands continue to change due to the environment and technological advances, we are delighted to adapt and put on events that have never even been thought of before.


Throughout our experience, there has been no event request that we haven’t been able to successfully deliver and we can’t wait to hear your event ideas, as well as us providing a number of solutions.

Unique Events and Tailored Ideas


Not only do we provide Wine Tasting experiences, weekends full of activities in London and Cruise and Cocktail events, we love to think outside the box and give you something that you’ve never tried before.


Take our truffle hunting weekend in the Piemonte Area, where our guests departed first class to Italy to have the full consuming experience. Alongside dining in Michelin restaurants, guests were outside in the stunning with the hunting dogs, finding the best local produce around.


Whether it’s for a team of 5, 50 or 500, we will align with your brand or desired outcome to provide you with an idea that’s just right for you.

Bespoke Events combined with Sporting Events


Take a major sporting event to the next level and let us plan your whole experience, from travel and accommodation to restaurant bookings and team building exercises.


Our 5 day experience in Budapest for the Hungarian Grand Prix was perfect for our client who wanted to marry thrilling sporting entertainment with the fun and engaging elements of a team building event.


Premium flights, weekend F1 hospitality, luxury hotels and plenty of fun activities such as a wine, craft beer and sightseeing Tuk Tuk tour were all part of the tailored package that brought the staff together over a truly memorable trip.


Our expertise in planning seamless personalized events gives you the guarantee of a stunning bespoke event.

“Their attention to the finest details stands out as we host numerous events around the world year on year”

“We’ve been working with Ambro for over 10 years and they continue to work tirelessly to perfect our bespoke event requests. Their attention to the finest details stands out as we host numerous events around the world year on year”.